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Eye Primer

Eye Primer
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Content2,5 ml

The Eye Primer ensures that your eyeshadow, eyeliner and eye pencil stay perfectly in place all day long. The soft texture Eye Primer makes the eyelids even. It prevents your makeup from fading, smudging or the eyeshadow from getting in the fine lines around the eyes.

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An eyeshadow primer is a multifunctional product and forms the basis for a long lasting result of your eye makeup. Especially if you get creases in your eyeshadow during the day, a primer is a must to keep your eyeshadow in place all day. In addition to providing the ultimate hold, the Eye Primer also aims to give the eyeshadow extra power and intensity.

Eye primer Intensifies eyeshadow
This Eye Primer makes the colour of your eyeshadow stand out, but also ensures that the colour of your eyes is getting the attention it deserves. So your eyes become real eye-catchers.

2,5 ml
  • Matte
Tones to Undertone:
  • Neutral undertone