“You are not what happened, you are what you choose to become”


  • One of the first to train other make-up professionals.
  • Had his own store: Backstage, which still exists today.
  • Wanted to offer the best quality make-up.
  • Because he couldn’t fine good quality products, he travelled Europe to find the very best suppliers for each individual make-up item and Make-up Studio was born.
  • Developed completely new products like the first matt eyeshadow that with deep color pigmentation that can also be applied wet.
  • Make-up Studio became known for it’s high quality and became a staple for make-up artists and schools.

“If you are lucky enough to be different don’t ever change”


Behind Nowadays Make-up Studio Amsterdam is being used by professionals all over the world that work for companies like BBC, VRT, RTL, RTL Germany, WDR, Joop van den Ende Studio’s, RTL NL, various movies, musicals, music videoclips, tv commercials etc.