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Face Prep Illuminating Primer

Face Prep Illuminating Primer
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Content35 ml
The Face Prep Illuminating Primer forms the perfect base for your foundation. The main task of this primer is to make sure your makeup stays on longer. In addition, the Illuminating primer gives your face a healthy glow and provides protection with SPF 30. More info
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The Face Prep Illuminating Primer is a preparatory product that is applied after your skincare to create an ideal canvas for your makeup, such as a concealer or foundation. Prevent sallow spots, facial redness or blotchy skin throughout the day by using a little primer under your foundation from now on.

This nourishing, hydrating and protective primer contains SPF 30 and vitamin B for optimal protection against sunlight and free radicals.

We all know by now that using an SPF daily is a must to prevent skin damage and wrinkles. An easy way to add an extra layer of sun protection to your routine is to use a primer that contains SPF. This primer with SPF 30 helps your makeup to look smoother and last longer, plus it counters UV damage.
35 ml
  • Transparent
Make-up studio
Skin color:
  • All skin tones
  • Liquid
Tones to Undertone:
  • Neutral undertone